Handcrafted of the organic substance on the planet and created with passion , Leomax Cashmere simply makes you experience Boye-Holzer has found the cashmere name LEOMAX COLLECTION in 2013. Cashmere isn't inexpensive, its not meant to be. You should be lasted by a great Cashmere for a long time, therefore don't allow your purchasing decision is guided by cost. 100% pashmina shawls that are true vary in quality of of place wool and size size, just because one is cheaper than another does not suggest it's not 100%, you may have to search and bargain. I settled 1200NPR for two of these, they certainly were 90PERCENT Wool (Pashmina) and 10% cotton with beautiful embroidery.

The next one was 1000NPR, again 90PERCENT Wool (Pashmina) and 10% cotton with attractive embroidery, I assumed that it actually appeared better compared to the first two-but seemingly the wool, again Pashmina wasn't as good and then the cheaper cost. Bei meiner Kollektion aus dem Herstellungsland habe ich zusätzlich der eingesetzten Farben that is Zertifikate vorliegen.

I'm appropriately qualified as a card-transporting cashmere addict/ebay vendor who has imported dozens of custom made 4 ply hand-knit ponchos, and loads of handwoven pashminas from Nepal to sell on ebay along with handwoven cashmere that I've Nepal Tucher personally chosen from plants in Istanbul, Turkey. Wool, pashmina Attention Pashminas Cashmere or silk or mixtures of these materials are very sensitive.