Handcrafted of the softest natural material in the world and made with interest , Leomax Cashmere only allows you to feel Boye-Holzer has tag LEOMAX COLLECTION in 2013. Cashmere is superior, its not meant to be. You should be lasted by a superb Cashmere for a long time, so don't let value information your buying decision. Authentic pashmina shawls vary in quality of of weave wool and measurement size, than another does not suggest it is not 100% because one is cheaper, you are going to just have to search and bargain. I paid 1200NPR for two of them, they were 90PERCENT Wool (Pashmina) and 10% cotton with beautiful embroidery.

The product is manufactured out-of wool which arises from the mountain goat surviving in the high altitudes of the Himalayas of Nepal. The Pashmina is famous aroundtheworld because of its thin and good muscles, which makes it among the best organic materials on earth for highquality connections. ICRA Nepal can pay stipend as per industry average, which may be decided through good consultation.

I'm properly certified like a card-holding cashmere fan/ebay retailer that has imported lots of custommade 4 ply hand-knit ponchos, and heaps of handwoven pashminas from Nepal to sell on ebay along with handwoven cashmere that I've Nepal wrap individually selected from plants in Istanbul, Turkey. Wool pashmina Treatment Cashmere or cotton or mixtures of these supplies materials are extremely delicate.